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Fire and Expl. Protection
Mission Statement
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Our engineering fields:     
-  Specification and design of sprinkler systems, water deluge systems,
   FOG-spray systems, CO2-Systems and all other kind of inert systems,
   spark extinguishing systems, fast fire suppression systems,
   foam extinguishing  systems. 
-  Specification and design of fire detection and alarm systems, flame detection systems, fiber-
   optic IR-detection, fast smoke detection and aspirating smoke detection. ·       
-  FM and VdS design and calculation. ·       
-  Risk analyses and fire load calculations. ·       
-  Engineering: Protection systems for office buildings, kitchens, theaters  storage buildings,
   hangars, fuel tanks, airports, factories, harbors, paint shops  and all other kind of risk.

IPMAtec – wide technical know how in fire and explosion protection.
Our long term fire- engineering know how is based on: ·       
- More than 10Years project management and team leading in the field of fire fighting and
  extinguishing systems. ·       
-  Design of FM and VdS Systems. ·       
-  Many years fire and explosion system engineering and equipment supply to electrostatic
   automotive paint shops. ·         Practical oil and gas fire fighting Training
   (e.g. for work on   offshore platforms). ·      
-   CEN working group TC 271 – safety of painting systems. ·      
-  Health and safety working group: BG Feuerschutz. ·       
-  Development of pain shop fire suppression systems. ·       
-  Initiation and long term active work in VdS working group: Safety of electrostatic paint shops.
-  Management of VdS equipment approval projects. ·        
-  Successfully passed VdS enginneering excaminations VdS certified engineer for:
    CO2 - systems
    Halon systems **1)
    Inergen Systems
    Spark-Extinguishing systems
    Fire detection systems 
    (incl. Automatic extinguishing control)

**1) Today Halon systems can only be installed in exceptional cases.