Paint Lines
Dryers and Ovens
Air Cleaning Systems
Fire and Expl. Protection
Mission Statement
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Our engineering and planning fields in surface engineering:          
- spray paint applications (air atomizing or electrostatic - solvent or water-based)       
- Powder coating       
- Workpiece handling, automatic feeding and transport solutions       
- coil coating (solvent or water based, horizontal, vertical)       
- Drying technology (hot air convection, UV, IR, cold drying)       
- Exhaust air purification with energy and solvent recovery       
- Thermoprocessing (planning and design)       
- Measuring technology       
- Safety for paint shops: fire and explosion prevention       
- Fire and explosion suppression / access control systems

Our engineering know-how in the areas of general surface technology, paint shops and Coil Coating are based on more than 20 years of project work in international surface technology.